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Connecting Marketplaces with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Channel Engine is a breeze with channelengine-365. Get set up within minutes and boost your sales!

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"With this integration we help our customers to add new sales channels. Selling products on Amazon, E-Bay or local market places was never so easy."

Davy Verbeek

Product Owner @ Channel Engine 365

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What Channel Engine 365 can do

WooCommerce 365 order import
Imported Order Details

Importing from ChannelEngine

Import orders real time into Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically

Orders by both registered users and guest accounts are automatically imported and matched with their corresponding Dynamics 365 Business Central customer.

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Updating ChannelEngine inventory

ChannelEngine products are automatically updated real time when updated in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage products and stock updates directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central and eliminate manual product handling, duplicate data and human errors.

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Edit product details directly from Dynamics NAV
Store Inventory
NAV Product overview
Import button

Importing customers

Import ChannelEngine customers to Dynamics Business Central

Import all existing and new customers from ChannelEngine and assign them to unique or general customers in Dynamics Business Central.

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Check out other benefits of ChannelEngine365

ChannelEngine365 has a lot to offer. Check out some of the features below to get a glimpse of what's possible.

Minimal Footprint

Upgrade without problems

Easiliy scalable

Completely adaptable

Real time stock control

Quick & easy implementation

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Full integration means you'll continue working with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our tool ensures product information and stock levels are synchronized and up to date across marketplaces, while orders are pushed back to your own system. We'll fully integrate your store, WMS, ERP or PIM with the most important local and major marketplaces, click & ad channels, and product feeds.

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